Blockchain is not the only point of dependence, how will the online lending platform be self-innovated?

With the emergence of the "moonlight family" in the current era, and the desire to shop, from credit cards, bank loans and online loans, Become the most common way of borrowing money in the modern era. Although there are many online lending platforms, and people's demand is relatively large, there are still some loopholes in online lending. The coin-operated digital currency trading website provides a secure and friendly trading platform for investors' digital assets. The shortcomings of platform management have led some employees to defraud the customers' money in the name of the company, which ultimately leads to the platform squatting; the entry of the online loan industry is relatively easy, which leads to the small number of small enterprises in them, which leads to the unevenness of the entire online loan market; The industry lacks management. There is no legal provision in all online lending platforms or banks supervise the platform, which leads to great risks in the online lending platform market. Can the blockchain solve the status quo? The emergence of the Internet 20 years ago has brought us huge surprises, but for now, the Internet is already in the process of abusing power and being closed. As a current P2P online lending platform in the Internet field, how will blockchain technology be solved? With the gradual expansion of the blockchain market, the online lending industry seems to have seen the gradual implementation of the blockchain in other industries. The online lending platform has also begun to explore the blockchain field. Recently, more and more online lending platforms have begun to be introduced. Blockchain technology, try to determine whether the blockchain can solve the current situation of the online lending industry. Recently, Fox Jin CEO Zhou Lin said: will use the blockchain technology and online lending platform can be in the form of a coalition chain, online lending platform will be the basic framework, all parties can participate in the transaction process, and the district Blockchain technology will promote the balanced and efficient allocation of resources, which will enhance the entire P2P business, achieve transparency, and achieve the final win-win. Blockchain is not the only point of dependence Although the blockchain can improve the transparency of the online lending platform and P2P, but for the current development status of the online lending platform, there are still some small and medium-sized enterprises facing great pressure, on the one hand, market pressure, another The aspect is that business capabilities are too weak. For the current situation, some industries still want to focus on life. With the development of the market, some companies have begun to transform themselves in order to save themselves. The transformation of the online lending platform will mean self-help, but for the online lending platform to be transformed, it is still necessary to look at the status quo of the next investment market. Don't wait for the industry to reshuffle, and it is better to be prepared. Although the blockchain can solve the pain points of the industry, it is still necessary to do a good job in the online loan platform, strengthen the management of business personnel, manage the flood of platforms, and the relevant departments still have to supervise the online lending platform. Only by laying the foundation well, combined with blockchain technology can accelerate the development of the industry.