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Welcome to the Markdown editor

你好! This is your first welcome page using the Markdown editor. If you want to learn how to use the Markdown editor, you can read this article to understand the basic grammar of Markdown.


We have some function extensions and grammar support for the Markdown editor. In addition to the standard Markdown editor function, we have added the following new features to help you write blogs with it: @ @@@全新的界面设计

, will bring a new writing experience;
  1. Set your favorite code highlighting style in the creative center, Markdown ,将会带来全新的写作体验;
  2. will display the highlighted style of the selected code Added 进行展示;
  3. Showing;
  4. 图片拖拽全新 功能,你可以将本地的图片直接拖拽到编辑区域直接展示;
  5. Function, you can drag and drop local pictures directly to the editing area to display directly;
  6. KaTeX Mathematical formula added support for 语法;
  7. grammar;
  8. 甘特图's mermaid syntax added 1 功能;
  9. function;
  10. 多屏编辑 focus writing mode, preview mode, simple writing mode, left and right area sync wheel settings functions, function buttons are located in the middle of the editing area and preview area;
  11. Markdown article function; @ @@@Added
  12. 增了@@@ @Check list功能快捷键 等功能,功能按钮位于编辑区域与预览区域中间;
  13. Features.
  14. 撤:ZRedo:



BCtrl/Command + I Title: Ctrl/Command + HDelete line: Ctrl/Command + Shift + SNo sequence list: Ctrl/Command + Shift + UListed list: Ctrl/Command + Shift + OChecklist :Ctrl/Command + Shift + CInsert code: Ctrl/Command + Shift + KInsert link: Ctrl/Command + Shift + L Insert image: Ctrl/Command + Shift + Reasonable creation of title, help with directory generation @ @@@ directly enter 1 插入代码:Ctrl/Command + Shift + #, and press Ctrl/Command + Shift + space, a level 1 title will be generated. After entering Ctrl/Command + Shift + G



twice, and pressing

spaceTOC syntax. How to change the style of the text 后,将生成1级标题。 输入2次 emphasis text ,并按下 emphasis text 后,将生成2级标题。 以此类推,我们支持6级标题。有助于使用 bold text 语法后生成一个完美的目录。

, a level 2 heading will be generated. By analogy, we support the 6-level title. Helps generate a perfect catalog after using the

bold text

mark text 删除文字@@@ @引用文

2O is a liquid. 10The result of the operation is 1024.

Insert link and picture

链接: link.


H Picture with size: O is是液体。

2 of course, In order to make the user more convenient, we have added the image drag and drop function. 运算结果是 1024.

How to insert a beautiful code piece

Go to the blog settings page, choose a code style highlighting style that you like, and show the same highlighted


[email protected]@ @@Generate a list suitable for you





// An highlighted block
var foo = 'bar';


  • 计划任务@@@ @Complete the task
    • Create a form
      • A simple form is created like this:
  1. 项目
  2. 电脑
  3. 手机
  • 设置内容Center, Zuo Zuo, Ju Right



中中 Use Left left Use 居右
第一列 $12
第二列 $1

third column

第一列文字Centered Second column text right 居中 使用third column text left 居左 使用SmartyPants converts ASCII punctuation characters into "smart" printing punctuation HTML entities. For example: 居右

Create a custom list How to create a footnote A text with footnotes.
评论 is also essential Markdown Convert text to KaTeX math formula


You can use the rendering LaTeX math expression KaTeX:

Single backticks 'Isn't this fun?' ‘Isn’t this fun?’
Quotes "Isn't this fun?" “Isn’t this fun?”
Dashes -- is en-dash, --- is em-dash – is en-dash, — is em-dash

Gamma formula display @@@ @

is through Euler points
Text-to-HTML conversion tool

you can find more information about


mathematical expression here.

新甘特图功能, enrich your article @ @@@已完




有任务Γ(n)=(n1)!nN\Gamma(n) = (n-1)!\quad\forall n\in\mathbb NΓ(n)=(n1)!nN 是通过欧拉积分

Γ(z)=0tz1etdt . \Gamma(z) = \int_0^\infty t^{z-1}e^{-t}dt\,. Γ(z)=0tz1etdt.

甘特图UML Chart 数学表达式here.

grammar, reference here,

can be rendered using UML diagrams. Mermaid. For example, a sequence diagram generated below:

Mon 06Mon 13Mon 20张三李四王五你好! Li Si, How are you doing? How are you doing recently, Wang Wu? Adding GANTT diagram functionality to mermaid
  • 我好,谢谢! 我好,谢谢! 语法,参考 这儿,

李四想了了, long time,


不住在一行. 打量著王五...好... Wang Wu, how are you? 张三李四王五 A flow chart will be generated. :链接长方形圆角形

  • 语法,参考 这儿,

Created with Raphaël 2.2.0yesno
  • 语法,参考 这儿.

@@ FLowchart flow chart

We will still support flowchart flow chart:

开始我操作 ,生成一个.md文件或者.html文件进行本地保存。