My comment values, say something about closing comments

These days, friends of Zhang Ge blog should have found out that all article comments have been closed, leaving only the comment function of the message board. Maybe a lot of friends will not understand Zhang Ge's practice, so this article will close the comment on this matter, talk about my views, maybe someone will understand me.


一, Direct reason

Let me talk about the blog from the last December to the present, my opinion on the comment.

When I first started blogging, I believe that every blogger is very happy to see someone leave a message, whether it is a hit, or a chat, will be accepted, and then feel very motivated.

After doing it for a while, I found that the comments that really relate to the content of the article are very rare. Many people not only do not read the content, but are completely advertising, and the external chain:

我的评论价值观,说一说关闭评论的那点事儿 我的评论价值观,说一说关闭评论的那点事儿 我的评论价值观,说一说关闭评论的那点事儿

, of course, I believe most Friends are still serious, not necessarily serious to see the content, but it is really not interested in such articles, had to be very serious, hard-headed to reply to something, to prove that they have come, so there is no content, Nanbei Beilu even directly copied the comments of the article content!

In fact, I also understand this practice very well, because I often struggle with this, Some blog posts do not have anything to do with the fields that I am familiar with. When I look at the content, I basically read 2 sentences and lose 3 sentences. It’s easy to get rid of the gods. When I finally found out the comments, I wanted to say something, but I couldn’t squeeze it out. . .

Later, I will try to find articles that I am interested in and understand, and I will respond to comments that are more relevant. I can’t find it. I will go to the message board to blow water, or I suggest that the blogger add a message board. Class, this is what I have been doing, there are a lot of blog message boards or the result of my soft and hard foam!

二, Indirect reason

In fact, another reason for me to make a decision to close the comment is because I am coveting the CDN's entire site cache function.

Used CDN's friends know that if you put html pseudo-static pages in the CDN settings cache, the speed is fast! But then this page can't record user information, so every comment needs to be re-filled, this user experience is very bad. Although, to say more can solve this problem, no longer need to fill in personal information, but more often said that loading will become a problem!

综合All the above reasons, after considering it again and again, I decided to close all article comments by , only open the message board comments, delete more comments and exclude the message board's CDN cache, thus solving this headache. The problem.

Now, at the bottom of each article, there is a link to the message board, If you are really interested in this article, or need to provide relevant explanations, you can connect to the message board by sending a message. Comments below, you can even indicate the corresponding article title. The message board does not have a cache, so the second time to leave a message, no need to enter user information and verification code, it is convenient to prevent user comments while preventing spam comments, of course, it is convenient for me.

Of course, there is another advantage to this approach. All the comments are grouped together, and everyone gathers together to find the same kind, hehe!

三, I read the comment

For a long time, I haven’t written this article in the blog for a long time.

I would like to ask bloggers and webmasters, what is your true opinion about the comments? What do you think is the comment for?

This question is of course no standard answer. Everyone will have their own opinions. For example, most of Zhang Ge’s blogs are articles sharing operation and maintenance technology or website construction. I hope I can see from the comments. To their own deficiencies, not meaningless vain, such as: bloggers good text, bloggers are so powerful, etc.; I also hope to find cases that need help from the comments|| | For example, if a friend used the tutorial I shared, I found that the report was unsuccessful or error-prone. ,比如有朋友用了我分享的教程后,发现不成功或报错的情况,前来反馈的评论。

做技术的朋友, generally have such an experience, Baidu search information found a tutorial, often not written in the article, you can find a solution in the article comments! This is a valuable comment! In addition to the possibility of bringing a little vanity to the author, the content of the slippery horse must have no other effect! Of course, it can prove that you have been there.....

张戈 is an IT 屌丝, writing this article about squeezing toothpaste, writing this article is to tell all come to me Friends of the blog:

is not necessarily a message, unless you are really interested or have a need, otherwise you might as well help me to order a few ads more valuable, is it not?

Written this article, ready to close, seriously write articles, no longer toss the blog! Recently, frequent relocations, frequent tossing of the site structure, index and keywords have fallen almost! How painful this is!