What kind of opportunity did the chain change to create a traditional industry upgrade?

Blockchain technology, as the underlying supporting technology of the digital economy, plays an important role in the integration of the digital economy and the real economy and the development of the digital economy. Blockchain technology, while innovating technology, is also changing the way it works in the world. This breakthrough technology is becoming an important advancement in the world.

blockchain electronic invoices open tax service new era

8月10, the country's first blockchain electronic invoices successfully landed in Shenzhen, becoming a landmark event in the development of blockchain industry . The blockchain electronic invoice is based on the blockchain standard service interface. The Tencent blockchain provides the underlying technology and service capabilities, as well as the standard service interface, so that the service providers can develop applications and realize the application, and it is the first in the country. The results of the application of the “blockchain+invoice” ecosystem have been approved and approved by the State Administration of Taxation.

In the view of Cai Weige, general manager of the block chain business in Tencent, the blockchain electronic invoice has the characteristics of complete traceability and non-tamperable information, which is consistent with the invoice logic and can effectively avoid false invoices. Improve the invoice supervision process, and the information involved is more secure. The blockchain electronic invoice can not only trace the source, authenticity and reimbursement of the invoice, but once the information is on the chain, it cannot be tampered with.

Blockchain electronic invoice landing, enabling operators to apply for invoices, issue, check, and account on the blockchain; consumers can implement chain storage, transfer, and reimbursement; In terms of technology innovation, it can achieve full-process monitoring and realize paperless intelligent tax management. Blockchain technology itself has the characteristics of decentralization, non-tampering and complete traceability, which coincides with the characteristics of multi-link, multi-user and tight chain in invoice management.

blockchain reform (chain reform) to help the physical industry upgrade

blockchain electronic invoice project success landing, coincides with the recent hot block "chain reform" in the current blockchain industry. So when it comes to 链改, it is the process of combining blockchain technology and ideas and blockchain technology with new technologies to empower the real economy and the digital economy. August 5th announced the blockchain reform (chain reform) action plan at the second congress of the China Communications Industry Association Blockchain Professional Committee. The goal of chain reform is defined as link value, empowerment entity, industry-integration consensus, ecological and common prosperity building blockchain development cornerstone, and building a blockchain destiny community.

First, we must clarify why we should implement "chain reform"? Chain reform makes the labor of creating wealth effective, and removes the difficult problem that seriously restricts social and economic development. The blockchain technology with the function of “non-tamperable and historical traceability” is applied to the economic organization to carry out “chain reform”, which makes those who are falsified and stalked and stalked in the state of computer information system to be incomprehensible and falsified. possibility.

Take the blockchain electronic invoice as an example. Through the reform of blockchain technology, it can save merchants time, hardware and personnel costs. For enterprises, the use of blockchain invoices can safely and quickly realize the application, issuance and inspection of invoices. It can also realize immediate reimbursement of employees after opening up the financial system of the enterprise, and can be extended to tax returns. For the tax regulators and management parties, through the blockchain management platform, the whole process of invoicing, circulation and reimbursement can be monitored in real time, and paperless intelligent tax management can be realized to ensure timely and full tax collection.

Blockchain can be used in traditional industries. The popular point is to solve the pain points of traditional industries with the characteristics of blockchain, which is the key to application. Projects such as blockchain + commodity traceability, blockchain + finance, etc. have emerged in an endless stream.

Through the combination of blockchain + commodity traceability, can effectively help consumers better protect the food safety of ordinary people, effectively identify counterfeit and shoddy products, and reduce logistics costs has become an urgent problem to be solved. Blockchain technology is a good medicine for truly counterfeiting future products with the characteristics of non-tamperable information and traceable information.

块块链+Financial project application,Take China Ping An’s technology company financial accountant as an example, by applying the underlying blockchain technology to various financial scenarios of Ping An, not only has it increased Business synergy, improve the operational efficiency of internal business innovation, provide more powerful technical support, and carry out technical output around similar business pain points faced by other financial institutions, effectively reducing the low-end banks and financial institutions to obtain high-performance blockchain The cost of designing services creates a transparent and efficient regulatory environment for regulators.

So, what kind of project is more suitable for blockchain reform (chain reform)? First, the project needs to have a large number of individual user groups, and users are willing to build in it; second, it belongs to model innovation projects; third, the business carried out is online; fourth, the industry has been traditional giants Monopoly or relative monopoly. 首先,项目需具有大量的个人用户群体,并且用户愿意在里面进行建设;第二,属于模式创新项目;第三,所进行的业务均在线上发生;第四,行业已被传统巨头垄断或相对垄断。

Actually,Chain reform is not only a simple technology upgrade, but also promotes the development of productivity by improving production relations to ultimately achieve industrial transformation. The blockchain project can be chained and become a symbol of the authenticity of the approved blockchain project. The essence of “blockchain+” is to empower the real economy. The chain reform itself is the creation and reshaping of the blockchain industry, and it is the value transformation and upgrading of the physical industry.

For this reason, the China Communications Industry Association Blockchain Professional Committee and the Blockchain Reform (Chain Reform) Action Joint Conference act as the guiding mechanism for the chain reform action plan and become the link and bridge between the government, enterprises and industrial clusters. In order to aggregate the strength of various enterprises in the blockchain with consensus or consensus across the country, combined with China's current objective and realistic political and economic system, we will jointly study how to transform the “chain reform” consensus of blockchain enterprises into national and comprehensive The "chain reform" consensus of various economic organizations in society. In order to further promote the construction of the blockchain reform (chain reform) plan, we will further promote the blockchain industrialization process, realize the application of blockchain industry and the construction of high-quality projects, and promote the application and development of blockchain technology.

2018, on September 10th, the China Communications Industry Association Blockchain Professional Committee, Blockchain Reform National Joint Conference as a guide, the Global Chain Reform Node Alliance hosted, the flagship blockchain ecologically hosted the "global chain" The “Renovation of Excellent Projects” campaign was launched. This activity aims to explore a group of outstanding projects with development prospects and investment value through the selection of , focusing on the promotion of blockchain technology and realizing the economic empowerment of blockchain + physical industry. Explore the ecological and industrial development of the real economy.

链改 is from the perspective of production relationship technology, to promote the development of force, the productivity is liberated and upgraded, which coincides with the upgrading of the physical industry. 链改正正 depends on blockchain internet technology and application innovation, with physical industry, digital economy transformation experiment and demonstration, focus on non-coin blockchain and non-financial blockchain, assisting industrial upgrading and kinetic energy conversion, maintaining financial stability With the aim of safety and protection of investors' intereststo speed up the pace of "chain reform" action, focus on the technological innovation of the frontier of blockchain, and let the blockchain project finally reach its essence.

The content of this selection will be divided into five major links: preliminary screening, public selection, expert selection, and collective display Through the combination of online and offline, we will select valuable chain-change projects and disseminate selection projects on a global scale. At the same time, , through local governments, industrial parks, communities, laws, industries, Technology, applications, capital, entrepreneurship, incubation, talents and other dimensions connect high-quality resources around the world, select and build the world's first chain-change think tank.

Current project convening is in progress,For qualified blockchain companies/projects, you can register by at the end of the article "Read the original", or "Global Chain Change Node Alliance" WeChat public number, bottom menu bar - project collection At the online application, or landing chain change official website (http://chain-reform .com/index.html), click on “Chain Change Project Collection” to register, welcome blockchain project parties and enterprises to actively participate, and help you to find the best chain change enterprises/projects in your mind.